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Drapery Cleaning - Nassau

Drapery Cleaning - Nassau

Cleaning drapery, blinds, and curtains can help maintain a fresh and appealing look in your home and office. Here are some cleanings we offer. We clean, repair, restore and sell all window treatments, including but limited to; roller and solar shades, cellular and pleated shades, roman shades, luminette, silhouette, skylights, mini and venetian blinds, wood blinds, verticals, drapes, curtains, theatre drapes (cleaning done on site), sheers, austrian shades, panels, swags, cornices, other window treatment. We offer window treatment repairs and restoration, including but limited to; strings/cords repair or replace, cord locks repair or replace, sewing, ironing, steaming, hole repair, removal and installation, valance repair or replace, new fabrics, new valances, water leakage cleaning and restoration.

Dusting: We use a commercial grade, yet safe vacuum cleaner and a soft brush attachment to remove dust from the surface of the drapes. Its gentle and wont damage any delicate fabrics.

Washing: First we check the care label on your window treatments to see if they are washable. If they are, we use a gentle cleaning and mild, chemical free detergent. We avoid using very hot water, as it may cause shrinkage or damage the fabric.

Dry Fabric Cleaning: If the care label recommends dry cleaning, we will clean your window treatments with a dry fabric cleaning solution. Dry fabric cleaning is suitable for delicate or lined fabrics that may not withstand water washing.

Spot Cleaning: For stains or spots, we use a damp cloth with mild organic soap. We carefully remove the spot or stain, twice, if necessary.

Deep Cleaning: For a more thorough cleaning, we will pick up your window treatments deep clean them, iron them, steam them, dry them and return them back when they are 100% dry.

Steam Cleaning: Some window treatments may benefit from steam cleaning to freshen them up and remove wrinkles. We check the fabric care instructions to ensure it can handle steam.

Different window treatments materials and styles may require specific care. We tailor your cleaning approach to the specific characteristics of your window treatments.

We cover a wide range of window treatment cleaning and repair services for your home or place of business.

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